Saint Nick Carved Taper/Pillar Candle

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Saint Nick Carved Taper/Pillar Candle

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100% pure beeswax carved Saint Nicholas! This, similar to the carved turtle candle we sell, is fresh and exciting in comparison to most of the other regular candles that are being sold today. Great for looks/decor, festive gifts, and or your holiday dinner table needs! This candle is similar to a taper as it has a standard 3/4 inch wide base like all our other tapers that we sell. This means it will fit into your traditional taper candle bases for dining room tables etcetera. This candle is also similar to a slim pillar in regards to longer burn times since of how wide it is on the upper portion of the candle.

Dimensions: (0.75" @ base, 1.5" @ widest) x 6" tall

Burn time: 15 hours

Please keep in mind that these carved candles are irregular, and non-symmetrical shapes, when burning. They may need to be attended to more than a symmetrical candle.