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From Kindling the Divine Spark, Bp Theophan the Recluse, pp 70-71
"You probably know all this. Just don't think that the act of prayer is somehow complex and confusing. When a child wants to eat, he comes to his mother and says 'Give me some bread'. Why should this be so complicated? The same goes for prayer to God. When your sins are bothering you, come and say, 'I have sinned. Lord, have mercy!' When you are overcome by grief, come and say 'Console me Lord'. If your moral powers are weakening, come and say 'Help me, Lord'. Do the same for everything. When you feel the need, come and tell the Lord about it with a simple heart. Call on the Mother of God for intercession, as well as your Guardian Angel and all the Saints; and along with them, under their protection, turn to the All-Merciful Saviour.
It's that simple! And you must keep all cunning and contrivance out of your prayers."